What to Engrave?




A medical identification accessory is a tool that could save your life in case of an emergency. 

People coming upon you in a state where you are unconscious or unable to speak for yourself, can take quick action with your information engraved on your medical bracelet.


Conditions or Allergies you may have

Listing your conditions and allergies could prevent triggering a medical emergency or could be caused by medical care. 

This information provides additional insight for responders to administer proper care. We suggest using abbreviations if you have several conditions or allergies to utilise most of the space given on the metal plate. 

Such conditions or allergies could include:

-       Alzheimer’s

-       Autism

-       Food or medication allergies

-       Blood disorders

-       Stroke risk

-       Diabetes


Current Medications

Including medications that you take, alerts professionals to give you treatments that don’t cause severe chemical reactions that could harm you. Such medications include taking a blood thinner or being on insulin. It is important to make it clear whether you are using or allergic to a medication.

Emergency Contacts

We suggest including at least two emergency contact details so people will know who to contact in times of an accident. People often engrave the mobile numbers of their family members, spouses or close friends with knowledge of their health status. You could also include your doctor’s contact number.