What Is It?


Lifeline ID is a medical identification accessory that contain information of your emergency contacts and any medical conditions or allergies that you may have. In the event of an accident, anyone would be able to contact your family and get a medical treatment for you based on your condition efficiently. It is an effective way of communicating your health conditions and emergency contacts to responders when you are unresponsive.

How does Lifeline ID help you

You can customise your personal information unto your medical ID bracelet, where it will be laser-engraved on a stainless steel plate, which is then attached to a silicon band. This silicon band can be worn around the wrist, attached to your watch or other personal belongings.

With Lifeline ID’s simplistic design, it was made to be worn on all occasions to look stylish and feel safe at the same time. 

Why you should wear a Lifeline ID

1.   It will act as your voice when you’re unable to speak for yourself.

2.   It allows people to immediately communicate with your emergency contacts

3.   It can avoid severe delays in treatment by saving a significant amount of time. 

4.   It’s better to have Lifeline ID when you don’t need it, than to not have Lifeline-ID when you need it. 

5.   Lifeline-ID can save your life. That’s it.